Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Artistic Apes.......

Biological Evolution, Is defined as the change introduced in a species due to small differences which accumulate overtime. It is what helped the apes to evolve into us. Evolution is a very basic or primeval force that alters and changes all species for the better. Biological evolution of a species never stops or ceases, it goes on and on for millennia’s.

But this blog is not about biological evolution. It is about the Artistic evolution of an individual.

Every species on earth has one attribute which makes it stand apart from the others in the animal kingdom. The Lion stands apart for its Majestic stature, the snake is respected and feared because of its venom, the marvell at the ants ability to build magnificent structures and are amazed by the spiders weaving ability, Man stands out for one particular trait; His ability to express himself. Not just in words but also in various abstract ways.

I guess mans first way expressing himself abstractly would have been his ability to speak in metaphors and convey more beautifully points which otherwise would have sounded mundane. Poetry would have evolved from this ability that he had to understand metaphors. Metaphors would have also lead to the language of symbols, wherein a lion would symbolize the leader or a king, the Panther, someone who was agile. However I guess the most potent way by which an individual could express him selves in, was music and the visual arts. But this blog as I said was about the Artistic evolution of an individual not about the man’s artistic evolution.

The question which I have always asked myself and for which I have never received a compelling and understandable answer has been “Who is an Artist?” . Is every Man born as an Artist or is he an individual who has some unique talent?

I guess we are all truly artists. It won’t be wrong to say that even software programming is an art form or for that matter Blogging (An art which I am not very good at L). Some people have always been better than the rest. But I strongly believe that the artist who resided within us undergoes a transformation every day. I do not know if it is for the better or for the worse. But every activity we do either makes us more artistic or kills of the artist within us one bit at a time. And when it is time for us to die , it is this artist within us that we leave behind for others to remember.

Today I take the first steps to document my Artistic evolution. I have been doing that for some time now but not very efficiently. I will document each day and try to decide if I have taken a positive step towards it or a negative one. I hope that ten years from now on when I read this vey first post that I have put here, I will be proud of my accomplishments not saddened by the fact that I have wasted away these years doing nothing.